CLS Division

Excellence in application chemicals

The Chemical & Life Science Division of Gee Lawson provides excellence in application chemicals across many industries.  With over 80 years expertise in global sourcing, and drawing on special manufacturer relationships, we have a wealth of capability.


The sectors we cover: Chemical and Life Science

The Chemical sector supplies materials into industries such as Pharmaceutical, Agrochemical, Coatings, Imaging, Polymers and Cosmetics. We have expertise in Organic Intermediates, Synthetic Reagents and Application Chemicals. The Life Science sector provides materials into leading organisations in fields such as Microbiology, Cell Biology and Electrophoresis, some of whom have awarded us special supplier status. Product areas include Nutrient Additives, Antibiotics, Diagnostic Reagents and Dyes & Stains for Biological applications.


Our Quality Systems

Operating as an ISO 9001:2008 company, and with our own stocks of key materials, our warehouse employs chemical experts, trained to handle and ship all categories of compounds. We also have facilities for re-packing our materials under controlled conditions.