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Founded in 1948 and still owned and run by the v. Zychlinski family, Unavera ChemLab is an ISO registered and German GMP approved medium scale organic synthesis specialist. Operating with a range of equipment, it is skilled in multistep synthesis, typically in the range of 10’s of kilos to 10 MT /annum. Completely integrated into the same ownership, the more recently established Aaron Chemistry business is aimed at R&D supply; both through a catalogue of intermediates and providing initial kilo scale quantities for development. The close proximity of the two facilities and seamless transfer of technology, with no IP barriers, means that fast quotations and scale-up are not marketing words, they work in practice!


With Aaron and Unavera focused on chemistry and Gee Lawson skilled in customer contact, it makes a perfect partnership. In agreed markets, including N & S America, Canada, Scandinavia, Japan, India, Australasia and ASEAN countries including China, Gee Lawson will undertake the exclusive sales and marketing activities for Unavera products and capabilities, and Aaron scale-up. In other markets we will work openly on a non-exclusive customer by customer or project by project basis. As required, chemists at Aaron and Unavera will be accessible to directly discuss customer’s technical product requirements; including purpose designed specifications, toll manufacture and custom synthesis.

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Hydrus Chemical Inc

Hydrus Chemical Inc is a very experienced Japanese chemical trading company, situated in Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo. Specialising in fine organic chemicals, they have excellent connections to many users across speciality industries including pharmaceutical, electronics, polymers and imaging. Gee Lawson has agreements in place to market an exclusive range of materials into Japan via Hydrus.