Gee Lawson products

We source our selected raw materials and branded ingredients worldwide, seeking and partnering to bring the best in terms of quality, full traceability and added-value.

Intermediates and API's

The range of Intermediates used in organic synthesis is vast and the chemistry and facilities involved in their manufacture equally wide, and often complicated by the requirements of scale and quality. Gee Lawson’s expertise in sourcing raw materials used in synthetic chemistry extends over decades, and we employ both this historical knowledge and our continued investigation into current source options in providing reliable solutions for our customers.

We also supply a limited number of lower volume API’s and have experiences in working with our customers on their requirements for reliable ISO and GMP sources, audits and DMF’s.

We understand the requirements for reliable and prompt delivery as well as the increasingly key requirements for both quality and traceability, and only work with reliable sources to fill our customer’s needs.

We can offer the following range:
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