Gee Lawson products

We source our selected raw materials and branded ingredients worldwide, seeking and partnering to bring the best in terms of quality, full traceability and added-value.

Other Life Science Areas

The study of Life Science covers a wide range of scientific disciplines and Gee Lawson is active in the supply of quality raw materials and reagents into many of these: Cell Biology, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry to mention just a few. The materials required in these areas ranges from both classical and more novel Dyes and Stains, through amino acids, nutrients and buffers to highly specialised diagnostic reagents. We also supply a wide range of common and rare antibiotics into many Life Science applications and invite your enquiries for any antibiotic you require.

As with all our products we work hard to ensure that the materials we supply are fit for use in these demanding areas of science. If you have particular quality requirements for any materials in these sectors we would be pleased to discuss your requirements and their specification.

We can offer the following range:
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