Gee Lawson products

We source our selected raw materials and branded ingredients worldwide, seeking and partnering to bring the best in terms of quality, full traceability and added-value.

Specialist Dyes and Stains

Gee Lawson has a long history of supplying Dyes, Stains and Indicators for research and industry. The largest application area for which we sell this range of products is across our Life Science and Analytical sectors, although many of our products are also used in various Chemical and Industrial application.

As is typical of our general approach, we pride ourselves in understanding our customer’s needs, the high quality requirements which many of them have and indeed the special product quality which some applications require. In some cases we offer both standard products and high purity variants. If you have a particular application where you are finding it difficult to source a high quality product please contact us; we would be pleased to explore having this prepared by one of our close global contacts.

We can offer the following range:
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