Gee Lawson products

We source our selected raw materials and branded ingredients worldwide, seeking and partnering to bring the best in terms of quality, full traceability and added-value.

Speciality Chemicals

Fine chemicals find applications across almost every sector of our industries and our daily lives, and it has often been pondered what our modern world would be like without chemistry. Gee Lawson supplies fine and specialty chemicals across most industry sectors including polymers, surface treatments, inks and coatings, cosmetics, electronics, water treatment and imaging to name just a few.

We pride ourselves on making sure we understand our customer’s requirements and in ensuring that the products we supply fit their needs. That can mean ensuring a particular aspect of a specification is achieved, or providing the material in a particular form or a bespoke solution. We supply both materials available from known suppliers and by means of custom synthesis of hard to find molecules.

We can offer the following range:
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