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Clavulanic acid derivatives – useful β-lactamase inhibitors.

Clavulanic acid is a β-lactam drug that functions as a mechanism-based β-lactamase inhibitor. While not effective by itself as an antibiotic, when combined with penicillin-group antibiotics, it can overcome antibiotic resistance in bacteria that secrete β-lactamase, which otherwise inactivates most penicillins. Its most commonly used form is as the potassium salt [potassium clavulanate], but other salts are also available.
Clavulanic acid was discovered around 1974/75 by British scientists working at the drug company Beecham. The name is derived from the Streptomyces clavuligerus, which produces the clavulanic acid. 
Clavulanic acid is biosynthetically generated from the amino acid arginine and the sugar glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate.
Gee Lawson is able to offer this material in both its Potassium and its Lithium form. For more information on these and other materials in our range please visit our microbiology page or contact us